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About Us

Foxhaven Farms is dedicated to raising quality Hungarian Kuvasz in accordance with the Hungarian (CFI) standards for the breed. This is not the same as the AKC standard which follows "American/Canadian" guidelines for the Kuvasz. Many of our dogs are pedigreed and/or imported directly from top Hungarian breeders.

The most striking feature of the Kuvasz is its beautiful head and wavy white coat. In addition, through centuries of breeding, the Kuvasz of today do not have a "dog" odor but rather take on the odor of their environment. That is to say they would smell like sheep if kept with sheep and thus the sheep would not be alarmed by the scent of a wild canine.

We do not raise our dogs for the show ring but rather as working dog for home or livestock guardian. For dog a to be a good home guardian it is essential that the dog be fully integrated into family. Failure to do so may result in a dog who is aloof and not easily managed.

Kuvasz are very intelligent and fully capable of independent thought. They can plan activities and then carry them to fruition. They can learn by observing human activities and then integrating the learning into independent action. Some have learned to activate touch lamps to awake their owners at night. Others have learned how to grasp doorknobs with their teeth and then enter through a closed door. Failure to understand and work with this intelligence can lead to a very frustrating experience for the owner. If you are looking for a "snap finger", the Kuvasz is certainly not your breed.

For over 2000 years the Kuvasz was bred for livestock guardians. This meant they were required to live with the flock of sheep or goats day and night and had to react to any threat without human direction. When responding to any stimulus in their surroundings they were bred to make decisions and then act. Thus the Kuvasz is a defensive protector as opposed to an offensive protector such as a Rottweiler or Doberman.

We strive to find the best placement for our pups in loving homes and will not place a pup without an in-depth interview with the prospective owner. In the interest of those persons living at considerable distance for South Carolina, we will ship by airfreight, however we prefer to meet our pups new family in person if at all possible.

At Foxhaven we expect the adoption of a Kuvasz as a family member to be taken very seriously. It should be seen as a commitment for the life of the dog which could be as much as 15 years. However should life circumstances preclude continued ownership, as a responsible breeder we stand ready to assist in finding a suitable second home.

All of our dogs are fully guaranteed in written and legally binding contracts for protection against congenital defects, infectious diseases, and hip dysplasia. Our pups follow a stringent vaccination and worming program and we require the new owner to continue the program.